EvotecPlus Specialise in Carriage and will assess your telecommunications requirements and design a solution that brings you real business benefits, with the support of Telstra, Australia’s leading telecommunications carrier.

Fixed Voice

We will complete a complimentary analysis of your voice communication costs and subsequently identify a plan that optimises your investment

Mobile Telephony

We will ensure you take advantage of competitive call rates and flexible plans, while enjoying the reliability of Australia's leading mobile network

Wireless Data

We will help your mobilise your workforce, your staff will be able to connect to e-mail and your network wherever they are, enabling better communication with colleagues and customers.

Data Network Solutions

We will analyse your business performance requirements, bandwidth, service level requirements and geographical distribution. Based on this we will design a data network that enables your offices to share critical resources and applications, with security, speed and reliability

Carriage Expertise

As the number of competing telecommunication carriers increases, it is often difficult for an organisation to ensure it has the optimum combination of communication services. They must be cost effective, yet meet complex business requirements. Evotec’s carriage division specialises in the assesment, design, provisioning and account management of an organisations Carriage services.

Our expertise across Telstra’s portfolio is diverse. Your business may take advantage of voice and data expertise in a single organisation.

Critical Communication; Mobile; Carriage


Evotec understands how Telstra’s technology can be applied to a business to ensure its operations are efficient, cost effective and will instigate improvement, growth and development. We’ll design solutions that offer businesses the opportunity to enhance their operations;

– Improving customer service 
– Improving contact with mobile workforce’s 
– Improving communication between offices
– Improving allocation of staff resources 

We’ll recommend solutions that will propel a business further, with the assurance and support of Australia’s leading telecommunications carrier