Find the headset that transmits great audio while seamlessly integrating into your environment 

Comfort is Key

Voice communication is one of the most common ways of doing business, holding a handset up to one ear can lead to poor posture neck and back discomfort, especially when the hand-piece is held between the ear and shoulder in order to multitask. These discomforts can turn into repetitive strain injuries over time. 

Not only will a headset help you physically but a wireless headset provides you with improved mobility comfort and ultimately results in heightened productivity. 

The ability to answer calls while away from the desk allows the user to multitask while reducing the number of missed calls. The latest wireless headsets have built in noise cancelling technology, filtering out up to 80% of background noise. 

The three main factors to consider when selecting a headset are, corded or wireless, what wearing style works best for your environment and most importantly, a headset that can easily integrate into your business applications. 

EvotecPlus are committed to finding the headset that transmits great audio while seamlessly integrating into your environment.   


Jabra Evolve 65

The Jabra Evolve headset can be connected to your PC, smartphone, or tablet wirelessly over Bluetooth. The dual connectivity feature allows you to connect your PC and Bluetooth device at the same time, so you will be able to take a call on your preferred device.

- Light turns red when in use
- 10-hour battery life
- Adjustable microphone, keep it out of the way when not in use
- Noise cancelling microphone


Plantronics CS540

The CS540 comes with multiple wearing styles and is good for either over-the-head or over-the-ear users, however, it's only compatible with your desk phone. On the positive side, though, it's lightweight, stylish, and comfortable - and it has established a reputation as one of more popular headsets.

- Mobility up to 100 meters from the base
- Wideband Audio
- Up to 7 hours talk time
- Energy efficient adaptive power system optimises for range and talk time


Plantronics Savi 8220

The Plantronics Savi 8220 is designed to work with desk-phones, computers, and mobile phones with a simple switch between device features. This reliable and popular headset has a lightweight and contemporary design for comfort and comes with DECT technology for excellent audio quality range.

- Full mobility, with up to 180-meter range
- Talk time of 13 hours
- Active noise cancelling
- Headset controls to adjust volume and mute calls


Jabra Evolve 75

The Jabra Evolve 75 is a professional Bluetooth headset with superior Active Noise Cancelling allowing you block out distractions in an open office. This version comes with a charging stand. The USB cable that plugs into the stand to charge can also be disconnected and used on the go for convenient travel charging. The stand helps keep your desk tidy and a convenient way to store and charge when the headset is not in use.

- Active noise cancelling
- Busy light to avoid interruptions
- Connects to 2 devices simultaneously
- Up to 30 hours battery life


Jabra Pro 920

The Jabra Pro 920 offers all the essential Jabra headset features available in a MONO but now also in a DUO variant. The Jabra 920 duo wireless headset delivers amazing bang for buck and is designed to work with your office phone handset only. Plus, the Jabra 920 will work with pretty much any brand of office phone you may have because of the unique way all wireless headsets connect.

- Talk time 8 hours
- 120m Wireless range
- Control buttons on headset
- DSP Technology to digitally optimise your voice and suppress echoes


Plantronics Savi 730

The new Plantronics/Poly Savi W730 is their newest all-in-one headset that works with your office phone, your computer and your mobile phone too. The Savi W730 is a dedicated over the ear headset that also goes inside your ear for greater stability.

- Transfer audio from headset to mobile with the press of a button
- Conference up to 3 additional headsets and guests can continue though multiple calls
- Noise-Cancelling microphone