Evacuation and Announcement speakers

Get every message across clearly, especially when it matters most. 

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EvotecPlus IP paging system is a network-based solution, which integrates into any SIP enabled phone system. 

A variety of speakers and paging adapters are available to suit any Public Address application requirement whether its a single room or large enterprise/campus environment. 

There is no limit on the scale of the solution, the speakers are PoE and connected to the network, no amplifier is required. Other than a PoE switch to power the speakers and network connectivity for multicast or registration as a third-party SIP endpoint, no other hardware or software is required to operate the paging system. 

Simplicity of the EvotecPlus Speaker System

Any device in the Unified Communications environment calling the speaker's ring extension will activate a custom WAV file when the extension is configured for a Ring to Announcement

Up to 10 ring extensions are available to register on a single speaker, allowing for different types of emergency notification alerting to occur.

A Call-to-Cancel feature will allow the alert to play continuously for the duration of the event and the speaker must called to stop the event

A scheduler for automatic playing of announcements can be integrated into your paging system, by synchronising with your IP clocks

EvotecPlus PA systems are designed to suit a wide range of applications and purposes. You can send live, scheduled, or triggered messages, in regular daily operations, emergency situations, or to alert to a certain activity.

Furthermore, the same PA system can be used to play background music helping to create ambiance and increase employee and customer satisfaction.

IP Speakers; Emergency Alerting

Speakers connected to your Phone System

EvotecPlus can now connect s new generation of speakers for large buildings to their phone system. Connecting to existing computer sockets or working via the Wi-Fi these speakers will provide crystal clear announcements.

With these speakers we can do the following;