Alarm Monitoring and Automating Actions

VoIP; Phone Connection; Phone failover
Mobilise emergency personnel and have full history of all incidents
VoIP; Phone Connection; Phone failover
A variety of speakers and paging adaptors to suit any locations.
VoIP; Phone Connection; Phone failover
Always get information out effectively in an emergency.
Alarming; Critical Communications

Unify Alarm Notification System

Unify OpenScape Alarm Response can simultaneously or sequentially alert and inform your first responders – via phone or text messaging – in virtually any scenario:

  • Mobilize emergency personnel
  • Initiate targeted evacuation of industrial sites and buildings
  • Simultaneously notify critical staff
  • Connect calls to care team staff via DECT or Unify Desk-Phone, alongside paging systems and call-backs to patient rooms
  • Transmit fault reports from external systems such as nurse call or building management systems to critical staff
  • Full report history of all incidents

Emergency Notification Alerting

All Algo speakers support registration for Ring extensions. Typically, this is used for loud ringing, however, other types of alerting are possible (e.g. lockdown, evacuation, reverse evacuation, medical emergency, safety or weather alert, etc). Any device in the UC environment calling the speaker’s Ring extension will activate playing a custom WAV file when the extension is configured for ring/announcement activation only.

Up to 10 Ring extensions are available to register on a single Algo speaker adapter, allowing for different types of emergency notification alerting to occur when a specific Ring extension is called on the endpoint. Only the WAV file configured for a given Ring extension will play when called. A Call to Cancel feature in the endpoint will allow the alert to play continuously for the duration of the event, until a designated extension registered to the speaker or adapter is called to stop the alert.

All Algo speakers, paging adapters and strobes can receive a multicast for such emergency alerting. Deployments for larger mass notification applications can easily incorporate Algo visual and audible notification endpoints, and seamlessly integrate legacy analog infrastructure via paging adapters, if required. 

Alarming; Critical Communications
Alarming; Critical Communications
Alarming; Critical Communications

Emergency Go Anywhere Pendant

Operates on the Telstra 3G Network Australia Wide. Simply pressing the SIS button will end an emergency SMS messaging. When the carer responds by calling into the pendant this incoming call will be answered in speakerphone mode automatically without the user having to push any more buttons. GPS: The outgoing emergency SMS message will also contain the user’s location by the way of GPS locating technology. This is easily viewed on the carers smart phone. The pendant can immediately dial the first person then subsequent carers after the emergency SMS has been sent. Caring for people with extra needs: if you are caring for someone who might wander off, simply text ‘LOC’ for locate and the Safe Life Pendant will respond by sending you a location report viewable on Google Maps. You can also set a GEO-Fence boundary in case the user strays too far from home. The pendant also has fall detection. The Safe Line Pendant is a top selling product. It has many applications and works consistently well.

Alarming; Critical Communications

Scheduled Bells, Tones, Announcements and Music

A Scheduler for automating the playing and multicasting of WAV files (e.g., bells, tones, announcements, music, etc) can be easily integrated into the Algo voice paging system using the 8301 endpoints. This device uses the NTP server to synchronize with IP clocks, and is ideal for schools, retail, healthcare, and workplace shift changes, breaks etc. Any combination and number of Algo endpoint speakers are compatible with the 8301 to receive a multicast. The audio available from the 8301 can also be simultaneously played via its Line Out integrate a legacy analog amplifier

Alarming; Critical Communications

P.A System

The Algo IP voice paging system is a network-based solution which integrates into any SIP enabled telephone system. A variety of speakers (wall/ceiling/horn) and paging adapters are available to suit any public address (PA) application requirement whether it is a single room or large enterprise/campus environment. Any combination of Algo speakers can be deployed from one to many. There is no limit to the scale of the solution. The speakers are PoE and connect to the network via RJ45. No amplifier is required. Other than a PoE switch to power the speaker and network connectivity for multicast or registration as a third-party SIP endpoint, no other hardware or software is required to operate the paging system. All Algo IP speakers support G.711 and wideband G.722 codecs, and work with hosted/cloud and premise-based telephone systems.