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EvotecPlus utilises a four stage process (ADDS) to deliver outstanding solutions. As the Partner supporting your Business we are committed to delivering outstanding information, identifying opportunities to revolutionise your business and supporting you through our premium service levels and response. 

"Easy system to use, with great training and support from a reliable team"
Trent Redlich
CFO - Nowra Private Hospital
"Top class techical skills"
Peter Diprose
Corporate System Manager - Sydney Harbour Federation Trust

Cloud Migration Architect

EvotecPlus will act as your Migration Architect, helping you in the planning and completion of your migration, including but not limited to,

  • identifying necessary refactoring required,
  • designing strategies for data migration,
  • identifying cloud-solution requirements,
  • determining migration priorities and production switchover mechanisms. 

 We will build your cloud to be cloud agnostic, with this approach you can run your application on any platform. 

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