Nowra Private Hospital

Nowra Private Hospital has been providing quality healthcare to the Shoalhaven Region and South Coast of New South Wales since been commissioned in 1980. Nowra Private is owned and operated by Ramsay Healthcare, Australia’s largest and most respected operators of private hospitals.

The 75-bed facility provides acute surgical and medical services, rehabilitation, and day surgery services.

All departments are staffed by experienced and skilled health care professionals who are familiar with the latest developments and research in their respective field.

“coverage has significantly improved efficiency”
Trent Redlich

The Task

To ensure Nowra Private Hospital can create the most comfortable and seamless hospital experience possible a world-class UC (Unified Communication) phone system is needed. The ability to contact all staff even during a power outage enables Nowra Private Hospital to achieve this atmosphere

“Easy system to use, with great training and support from a reliable team.”
Trent Redlich

A Closer look at Pain Points

  • Nowra had an outdated system with limited UC functions, the receptionists had paper versions of all contact information and if a call was missed at a nurse’s station it was difficult to know who to call back.
  • Communication and connectivity were lacking between departments causing low productivity
  • Dead spots around the site created dropouts with cordless phones, while getting the battery replaced in this legacy cordless phone incurred a service fee
  • Any changes minor or major was always a struggle as getting someone out to site to fix the issue was never straight forward, leaving Nowra Private Hospital off the air with no internal communication on numerous occasions

The EvotecPlus Effect

  • The new system gave Nowra the ability to improve efficiency and coverage throughout the hospital, this was achieved by installing 12 base stations around the premises.
  • The activation of the new telephony features within the X8 allowed the users to have functionality unlike the legacy system.
  •  Introducing one consolidated system enabled them to have a desk phone and a cordless phone on the same extension number, so no matter the location of the recipient they are now able to answer the call first time.
  • Significantly cut waiting time for changes to the system, with a dedicated Account manager, direct access to engineers and a dedicated response time in relation to serious faults within their communication system. 
  • Training was provided to ensure that the team at Nowra Private were able to utilize the communication system to its full potential, with the team feeling “very well trained”
  •  The incorporation of a battery back-up system ensured the internal phone system stayed online for the duration of the power outage that occurred sometime after installation. With the internal phone lines still live all critical personnel were reachable and patient satisfaction did not drop.
  •  myAttendant reception software allows those working at reception to see who is on a call and enables them to Click and drag callers to those they wish to be transferred to, a complete log of all calls is recorded. Like the receptionist software, myPortal for desktop has been installed at all nurses’ stations to ensure all missed calls are visible to those at the stations and makes for ease of call backs
  • The installation of the Atos Unify system, guarantees software updates for ten years
  • All cordless phones provided have interchangeable batteries saving Nowra both time and money compared to their legacy system