Why have a Maintenance Agreement

If your organisation needs to comply or is obligated to offer a communications solution to meet a level of compliance for OH&S, maintenance will assist you in this obligation  

SSP; Unify Support
Remote Working; Remote Working monitoring
If your communications system is a critical part of your business, you may wish to consider if your own internal policy dictates that all critical equipment be covered by a service level agreement. If you are providing a duty of care for staff of clients, please be aware that a fee for service option will not meet this compliance standard. Customers who select to utilise our fee for service option will receive our best effort support and response times, failed components may have to be ordered as we will not be able to supply components from our emergency support stock.  

Examples of Support with and without a Maintenance Agreement

A Component Failure stops your phones working

PriorITel Agreement Benefits

Priority Service

Three-hour response time for any total system failure or main operator console failure causing severe disruption to the operation of the system. Next day business responses for all other faults as deemed non-urgent. 

These response rates apply for service issues logged between the hours of 8:30am and 6pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays

A PriorITel customer will take priority in the service queue and will get seen to before any booked job for a non-maintenance customer

Non-Maintenance customers must be aware that their response time is best effort and a job can be rescheduled at any time 

Complimentary remote changes

You will receive a nominated number of complimentary remote changes. The quantity of changes you receive is tailored to your agreement. 

Once this number is reached, remote changes will be charged to the customer at a discounted rate. 

For all customers with no Maintenance agreement, the remote changes fee can be found on the Price List 

12-Month parts and labour warranty

Provision of all labour and resources to maintain the ongoing functionality of the equipment, including replacement of component parts, assemblies and sub-assemblies requiring replacement due to normal wear and rear. 

All integral parts to your solution will be stored on-hand, in the case of an issue you will not have to wait the ordering time for the new part. It will be installed straight away, and the back-up part will be re-ordered and stored at no cost to you 

This warranty does not affect your consumer tights on products 

Without maintenance you will not have access to the pool of spare parts and will have to order the part and wait the period it takes to be delivered before it can be installed 

This warranty does not affect your consumer rights on the products. 

Discounted Service Rates

Any additional work performed to a maintenance customers system, which is not covered under their agreement will be discounted. These discounts can be seen on the Price List 

No discount will be applied for those customers who don’t hold a Maintenance Agreement. Service rates can be found on the Price list 

Complimentary service and training vouchers

As a customer with a Maintenance Agreement you will receive vouchers that can be redeemed for purchase of a call-out
To ensure your staff maximise use of your system, complimentary training sessions will be provided during each year of your maintenance contract, training is at your request.
The number of service vouchers and training sessions is tailored to your agreement

No discounts shall be granted in the case of a customer without a Maintenance Agreement 

Training sessions are available to all customers, however with out a maintenance agreement the sessions are chargeable 

Loan Handsets

Should the occasion arise when a fixed or digital cordless handset require replay, PriorITel customers will receive complementary loan equipment. 

If you  are without a maintenance agreement, you have the option to lease the loan equipment until the time where you device is repaired or replaced 

Security Updates

Due to the complexity of systems running over internet, Maintenance customers have access to free software patches, in conjunction with Unify Software Support. 

These patches can help with voice quality, protection against hacking and overall security of your system. 

The patches will be loaded to the PriorITel customers system as they become available 

For non-maintenance customers, the installation of software patches are chargeable and must be requested by the customer. 

Customers must hold Unify Software Support to be eligible for patches