Symphonia On-Call

When you provide a mission critical contact number to customers, you need to be sure all call diversions are correct for both operations and emergency calls 

On-Call; Automatic roster
Call Forwarding;

Symphonia On-Call provides a user friendly, sophisticated, call routing solution to automatically manage the person on-call, ensuring all customer enquiries are responded to in a timely manner. 

Not only can Symphonia On-Call automatically change over the on-call staff member, but also will allow you to remotely change the staff member or on-call schedule, via SMS or web browser, at any time. 

For each shift change, an SMS notification will be sent to the staff member coming off and going on to the on-call shift, ensuring each staff member is clear on their role. 

All calls and SMS’s routed through the On-Call system are tracked and documented, giving you the ability to have an overview of all calls and their details, with the option to voice record for further cataloguing. 

How Symphonia On-Call Works

When a customer calls for support, Symphonia looks up the on-call mobile number. Only when the on-call mobile is answered, and the call is accepted will the customer be put through. 

If a call is not accepted, Symphonia will pull it back and try the number again. This will be attempted 'x' number of times before the system moves to  the next on-call number. 

This is repeated through all active numbers listed and continues the cycle until the customer is answered. 

On the rare occasion none of the available on-call numbers can be reached during any of the cycles, the automatic call routing solution will then be connected to the voicemail of the first level on-call recipient. 

Key Features