EvotecPlus Cloud Migration Architect

Make the move to the Cloud quick and easy with EvotecPlus as your Telephony Cloud Migration Architects. 

EvotecPlus Hosted; Cloud telephony; Hosted telephony
Cloud Migration; Cloud Telephony; Hosted; Move to Cloud

EvotecPlus will act as your Migration Architect, helping you in the planning and completion of your migration including, but not limited to, identifying necessary refactoring required, designing strategies for data migration, identifying cloud-solution requirements, and determining migration priorities and production switchover mechanisms making us responsible for all aspects critical to the success of the project.

We will build your cloud to be cloud agnostic, with this approach you can run your application on any platform.  

EvotecPlus and Your PABX Migration

EvotecPlus and Your General Migration

Cloud migration is sort of like a physical move, instead of packing up and moving physical goods, cloud migrating is the process of digitally moving assets, like data, IT resources, telephony, and other applications to cloud infrastructure. 

Migrating to the cloud allows all members of your organisations to access necessary data and business information from anywhere in the world on their designated device. 

Many companies are making the move to cloud with some projects taking up to 12 months to complete. some have found migration has taken more time and money than expected due to the lack of experience that has led to roadblocks such as security concerns. 

EvotecPlus are migration experts with key goals for all migrations experts with key goals for all migration projects such as, to incur minimal downtime, provide a simple transition and have zero data lost. 

EvotecPlus focus on monitoring, automation, rollback integration, multiuser migration, and testing, giving you an achievable timeline and pre-migration testing to ensure your move to the cloud is smooth and effective. 

Cloud Migration; Cloud Telephony; Hosted; Move to Cloud