Track Remote Workers

Finding effective ways of managing remote workers is a priority to all businesses. Evotec can give you more visibility with a comprehensive solution to keep a detailed track of what your employees are up to. 

Quick tips for choosing a mobility solution

  • All Collaboration and communication should be in one easy and scalable platform
  • Avoid having to switch between apps and software's 
  • Ensure your telephony service can be integrated to your system 
  • A noise cancelling headset eliminates uncontrollable background noise 
  • Quality monitoring and performance management should be included 
  • Enable speech analytics, this allows you to take advantage of keyword and key-phrase spotting along with emotion detection 
Remote Working; Remote Working monitoring

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Remote Working; Remote Working monitoring


  • Make customer experiences measurable
  • Uncover ways to improve customer retention 
  • Evolve with your unique business requirements 
  • Improve business processes 
  • Share information across all departments easily over a unified platform 
  • Provide employees with vital performance feedback 
  • Data is relevant and easy to consume 
  • In-depth functionality within one unified application 
  • Add new features and functionality's easily

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