Jabra Engage 65

Get the Jabra Engage 65  and connect to your softphone and desk phone simultaneously

Bundle in the EHS Cable and save 

Headset; Headsets; Jabra
Headset; Headsets; Jabra

As with all wireless headsets you require an accessory to answer your calls from a desk phone when away from your desk. 

This is called the Electronic Hook Switch or ESH Cable. 

The EHS Cable runs from the base of the unit to the telephone, giving you the freedom and mobility to complete more tasks while taking calls. 

Work away from your desk and maintain a wireless connection that won’t let your or your customers down, with up to 150 metres of wireless range.

Enjoy the best of both worlds with the option to work wirelessly or corded. 

Headset; Headsets; Jabra
Headset; Headsets; Jabra

Advanced noise cancelling microphone and enhanced speakers deliver crystal clear audio allowing you to enjoy superior sounding calls even in noisy environments. 

Speaker software separates noise from speech. 

All incoming calls can be adjusted to a user-defined sound  level that stays constant for all-day comfort. 

All day battery life with up to 13 hours of talk time and if you do run out of juice the fast-charging feature powers the headset to 40% in 30 minutes and charges the battery fully in 90 minutes. 

Engineered and designed to  be the worlds most powerful professional wireless headset.


Headset; Headsets; Jabra
Headset; Headsets; Jabra

Connect to two devices simultaneously, meaning you can connect to a desk phone and a soft phone at the same time. 

Integrated red-light on the microphone tip and ear of the headset is activated when on a call or manually by the user when busy to act as a do no disturb signal 

Authentication between headset and base is established with 128-bit level technology, compared to the category standard 64-bit. 

The wireless connection is secured using 256-bit encryption, giving you the best line of defence when it comes to your privacy. 

Headset; Headsets; Jabra