Professional IP Speaker Installers

Providing a simple way to get information out for evacuations and announcements 

IP Speakers; Speaker Integration; Algo
IP Speaker Installer; Professional Installer; IP Speakers

Today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape means that new and emerging options are cropping up on a regular basis this is where engaging an IP speaker expert can benefit you.

Adding public address communications is a simple process when network-based audio technology is deployed, messages can be triggered by other system devices or issued manually by the operator.

Fewer components mean lower costs so return on investment for end users is significantly increased with a network based solution, the controls are software based which is a great benefit when it comes to system maintenance.

Products can be added and removed easily and effectively. It is always easier to seek components that support PoE as only one cable is required per product to supply power to the unit and transmit sound and data reducing your installation time and costs

IP Speaker Features

A clear and simple way to be heard. Additional benefit of no fuss with a 2N and Algo Installer 

Door Phones and Intercoms

EvotecPlus specialise in installing telephone integrated door phones and security intercom solutions, both audio/video and audio only devices. Products are compatible with any hosted or on-premises platform supporting IP or analogy connectivity

Algo and 2N Intercom benefits

  • All Door intercoms are PoE
  • Initiate or receive calls via SIP registration
  • An intercom is an ideal way to control visitors 
  • Can be linked to the command station
  • See the person you are talking to
  • Have control of visitors entering the work environment 
  • Wideband and HD voice
  • IP 65 Rated
  • 264 Video or web Video
IP Speaker Installer; Professional Installer; IP Speakers; Intercom; Door Intercom

Emergency Announcements

IP paging systems provide flexible ways to make an emergency announcement. Announcements can be made from a computer a VoIP phone, or automatically when someone pushes a button

The emergency button or extension number that is associated with the speaker can produce pre-recorded messages for example announcing fire or lock down

Emails and texts won’t get people’s attention immediately, support the safety of your staff by giving them clear instructions and access to emergency buttons/pendants.

IP Speaker Installer; Professional Installer; IP Speakers