Smart Evacuation and Notification Speakers

Get your message across effectively in a time of Crisis 

Smart Evacuation; IP Speakers Healthcare
Smart Evacuation; IP Speakers Healthcare

An IP Speaker automatically or manually amplifies sound such as human voice, music or announcements generated by VoIP, SIP and IP Systems 

Network connected audio technology is one element from the wider Internet of things (IoT) that offers a good fit with smart security solutions. The use of IP connected audio can add value and deliver real benefits for end users. 

Network connected audio can deliver a flexible and future proofed solution, providing a wide rage of IoT benefits, these include; 

  • Public address announcements 
  • Help and call points 
  • Intercom functionality 
  • Background music 

Smart evacuation and Notification speakers

We can now connect a new generation of speakers for large buildings to your phone systems. They connect to existing computer sockets or can work via Wi-Fi if the cabling is not available and will provide crystal clear announcements. We can do the following with these speakers: