CCTV and CCTV Maintenance

EvotecPlus supplies a variety of professional grade brands. Our team is also readily available to assist in the installation of customer supplied security systems.

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Your Security, Our Business

EvotecPlus provide CCTV installation and maintenance for a complete range of security video surveillance solutions, from CCTV cameras and network IP security cameras to complete integrated security systems. We can also design and install a solution to meet your needs, from external CCTV and monitoring solutions for small warehouses to internal CCTV security monitoring systems for offices, factories or retail outlets, with controllable video cameras to monitor live viewing.

We can provide an assessment of your requirements, installation planning, cabling, installation and setup and maintenance support. EvotecPlus can provide installation solutions to all industries, including banking and finance, mining, technology, warehousing, car parking, retail, hospitals, schools and government

We recognise that every client’s needs differ and can supply and install a complete range of CCTV and video security products for your video security surveillance needs including:

CCTV Maintenance

CCTV; CCTV Maintenance

Your CCTV security camera systems needs maintenance to ensure a clear picture, uninterrupted feed and complete coverage of key areas.

It is important to take advantage of a CCTV maintenance agreement so that you don’t miss out on CCTV software updates and hardware check-up’s, as this is just as important as the safety of CCTV installation.