Task Management

The highly flexible and feature rich task management system 

task management
task management

In large and bustling environments, effective and reliable on-time communication between staff management and goods is necessary to manage all daily tasks.

The TASSTA Task Manager is a universal task tracking tool, it is designed to manage tasks such as, task, invoice, order, service, feedback, customer, item, hardware and so on, in accordance with the company needs.

Data exchange between the Task Manager and the mobile is secure. T.Rodon allows management to creates, edit and track tasks, receive work order status, send messages, and locate personnel using their smartphone’s built-in GPS.

It includes manual and automated processing algorithms with real-time status updates, user management, positioning, reporting, and administrative information. What’s more, the data can be integrated into other TASSTA services, web clients, and external databases.

The Task Manager system is highly flexible and feature rich. A task can be renamed or transformed into an order, item, client or any other tracker type.

Task Attributes

The operator creates and assigns tasks, while the mobile user can change status, add notes, take pictures, attach files and add signatures.

For example, you can select “Order” as the task tracker. When an order is received, the operator creates a task and assigns it to any mobile user in the list with the order status set to New. When the order is closed, a mobile user (driver or courier) sets the status to Done.