Uninterruptible Power Supply

Our range of UPS systems have been designed to provide a reliable, efficient and flexible solution to ensure your business remains protected at all times.

UPS Maintenance; Back-up; Failover
UPS Maintenance

While its beneficial having a UPS system in place, its also important to ensure it runs at its optimal condition. Don’t give yourself a false sense of security by neglecting your UPS Maintenance.

EvotecPlus know that the reason the majority of organisations have an UPS installed is to protect their critical equipment. When a UPS system fails its usually due to lack of UPS Maintenance. By taking UPS Maintenance your system will receive annual servicing, not only are you protecting your critical equipment, but you are also saving yourself the cost of expensive repairs and downtime.

For over 20 years EvotecPlus has and continue to service Australian Businesses. Our comprehensive UPS Maintenance Support Agreements include, priority services, guaranteed response times and regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure you are covered.